Make. Play. Code. Teach!

Giving kids the confidence to be creative with technology begins by giving educators that same confidence.

Meet our Robots

Our Robot Kits have been designed and refined by the input of our three most important customers: educators , parents , and kids .

See it work

Everything is on display, so kids can see and touch the parts that make their robot work.


Our robots begin as a blank canvas that can be programmed with custom expressions and personalized with stickers and printed costumes .


Rather than watching a robot perform on the ground, we want kids to hold them in their hands and form a bond .

They express themselves with lights and sounds, sing songs, talk to each other, and much more.

Three levels of Software

We know that learning happens in stages , and so we have three different software options to match the level of your classroom or program.


A beginner app that makes it easy to explore the robot, create expressions, and get familiar with hardware and coding concepts. (Mac / Windows / Chrome)
More info about the LRF App...

LRF Blocks

Drag-n-drop visual programming with blocks (similar to Scratch). The easiest way to experiment and learn by coding your robot . (Mac / Windows / Chrome - coming soon)
More info about LRF Blocks...

LRF for Arduino

A software library for fully-customizing your robot with C & C++. Uses real code that extends terms and concepts learned in the other levels. (Mac / Windows)
More info about the LRF for Arduino...

Don't see your platform here? We're working on it.
Let us know if you're interested in testing Beta software when available.

Craft your own Curriculum

We've collected our favorite Lessons for introducing coding and electronics concepts, some great Activities for sparking imaginations in a project-based format, and Tutorials for getting up-to-speed with how our robot and software works.

With an Educator Account you can pick-and-choose favorites and compose your own program of robot fun!

Here's some examples of the types of resources you'll find, and how we've been able to engage young minds in these challenging subjects:

Hands-on creativity

By combining coding with crafting, gives a lot of kids a comfortable starting point that activates their imaginations, and inspires a project-based approach.

Cast of characters

Most kids are already masters of designing story worlds. We often introduce concepts and subjects by using a narrative to frame the challenge.

Making music

The power of music is truly amazing. We've watched as kids worked tirelessly to reproduce their favorite songs in code, or transform their robot into an instrument and jam.

What Educators are saying...

We've partnered with some amazing institutions over the past few years, and they've helped us craft delightful experiences that inspire and educate.

But don't just take our word for it...

“It’s demystifying how things work around us. I see kids get really excited about not just putting their robots together, but getting to program and make them do something, which I don’t think before the workshop they thought they were capable of doing.”

Michelle Mismash

Youth Coordinator

Toronto Tool Library